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Individual Therapy

Do you find yourself feeling unhappy asking “why does this keep happening to me?” or “why am I like this?” Often life events, relationships, trauma, depression, anxiety, codependency or just the stressors of daily living can keep you from the peace and balance you desire. Therapy invites you to reflect and become more aware of how your life experiences impact you in your relationships, your spirituality and your everyday life.


​Our therapists provide a safe place to gain understanding on how your unique story impacts your current way of functioning and relating to yourself and others. In individual therapy sessions, we will work to solve current issues or areas of your life that you feel could be better. We help you understand yourself, how unhealthy patterns in your life start and how to stop them. 


We use a strength-based, holistic approach to wellness. We will help you understand why areas of your like are not as you'd hoped, take control of your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. We provide you a safe place for you to tell your story.

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