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I will be the first to admit that I am a recovering perfectionist. Although I dispute these thoughts daily, it took me many years to identify the source of this need to be perfect. In my past, I believed I had no control over my life and at the time, I was trying to hide from a significant amount of pain. Back then, somehow I came to the conclusion that if I was perfect, all of my problems would fade away. I know now that this was not the case and unfortunately I propelled myself into a black hole of despair as I never felt “good enough”.

What exactly does it mean to be good enough? I struggledwith this concept even in my adult years. I continuously wrestled with doubt in all areas of my life, constantly asking,  “Am I a good daughter?” “Am I a good friend?” “Am I doing everything I can to be the best person I can be?” These areoverwhelming questions that can take up a lot of mental energy. Interestingly, my doubt did not shift until my therapist asked where this was coming from. Such a simple yet profound inquiry led to a path of deep reflection and self discovery.

Doubt does not come from a good place. The voice of doubt can bedifferent for all of us, but ultimately doubt has one goal in mind - to interfere. Each individual has a unique purpose and a powerful story to tell. DOUBT is the antagonist whose words are sharp swords that wound our spirit and interfere in our journey. When we listen to the voice of doubt we are allowing ourselves to become susceptible to the erosion of our unique purpose, shattering our confidence within ourselves and limiting our vision of the future. So what to do?

TALK BACK! You are powerful. And you are strong. Do not allow the voice of doubt to castthe illusion that you are not good enough to accomplish your dreams. Stand tall knowing that everyday you fight an unseen battle. When you start talking back to doubt you are choosing to heal from the wounds and restore that confidence. Be bold, and silence the doubt! YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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